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You cannot take action if you are not aware
Awareness creates compassion and
Compassion leads the way for
Gratitude and Appreciation

Unlock your inner power and discover your potential as a people
leader.Learn how to transform your leadership skills & connect with teams.
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RHM Leadership Masterclass™

Created and designed by Dr. Rozana Huq

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Empower, Inspire, Lead

The pandemic has created a unique opportunity for leaders to think about strategies whereby they can EMPOWER, INSPIRE, LEAD.

Evidence-based research suggests that empowered employees are better equipped to make decisions and respond to crises than disempowered employees. But, leaders cannot implement employee empowerment without the knowledge of what employee empowerment is and how to implement it?

By enrolling in RHM Leadership Masterclass™ you can gain the knowledge and a framework for implementing employee empowerment by means of a flexible learning programme.

Leading in the digital age and remote working

Leadership is no longer just about leading. You will learn the key skills that are needed to lead in the digital age and remote working, which needs a different set of skills and leadership style.

You will learn how to support and develop the potential of your people from a diverse background, and how to reflect on organisational strategies that can create a positive impact on society, climate, and the environment.

Stress and mental health

Employees are expected to be more effective and efficient, but, burdened by these ongoing responsibilities, they are becoming unhappy at work, which is having a negative impact on their stress and mental well-being, leading to job burnout.

This is the time when leaders in organisations need to nurture and create an environment that frees the talent of people and one of the ways is by empowering employees, which has a positive effect on stress and mental well-being.

When employees have a good experience at work, they feel positive and happy.



Empowerment, appreciation, compassion, and empathy

There is a high consensus amongst employees that a ‘quality’ of working life is essential to cope with the stressors of work and personal life, particularly as most people are still working from home.

Valuing people’s dignity and respect is at the heart of Dr. Rozana Huq’s work and this led her to create and develop solution-based business models and tools that are designed to enable leaders to create a culture of empowerment, appreciation, compassion and empathy.

By enrolling in RHM Leadership Masterclass™, leaders will have access to

Dr. Huq’s exclusive Framework and Model for the Implementation of Employee Empowerment and they will learn the NINE critical skills that are crucial, plus several tips and takeaways including a supporting framework for self-monitoring and self-evaluation.

Benefit for you, organisation, and employees

RHM Leadership Masterclass™ is designed by blending together theory and practical application and it involves an intensive deep-level learning methodology.

You will be taken through a step-by-step process and provided with tools and techniques so that you can successfully create a culture of empowerment at work that will benefit you, your organisation, and employees including benefits to society.

Purpose designed and practice-based learning

RHM Leadership Masterclass™ is a purpose-designed and practice-based learning programme.

The focus of this Masterclass is to teach you the best way of learning and providing you with the practical steps needed to create the environment for nurturing a culture of empowerment, where employees feel valued and trusted.

Whether employees are working from home or following a ‘hybrid’ pattern of work, it is important for leaders to develop a set of communication skills that enables them to listen and care for their employees.

A holistic approach to learning

A ‘caring’ quality in leaders is highly desirable, but leaders cannot take care of others unless they take care of themselves.

RHM Leadership Masterclass™ takes a holistic approach to learning and leadership development. You will also learn about managing stress, well-being and a personal programme of taking care of yourself.  This will also help you to understand how to help employees to manage their stress and anxiety at work.

Duration: 18 hours

2hrs x 9 sessions.

Dates and session times will be discussed and mutually agreed.

RHM Leadership Masterclass™

Limited offer:

Includes a complimentary book written by Dr Rozana Huq. Price £120.00

‘The Psychology of Employee Empowerment. Concepts, Critical Themes and a Framework for Implementation’. Publisher Routledge

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