Helping Leaders and Teams Work Better Together

RHM Leadership Coaching

Helping leaders and teams work better together.

As a leader, how can you benefit from RHM Leadership Coaching?

Good leadership is about having a combination of skills, and one of them is people skills, the lack
of which can create problems with your team members, resulting in conflict, and difficulty to
retain talent.

If you lose your talent, that is, your best creative people, then it can surmount into further
problems, impacting on the Quality of your products or services and when Quality suffers, the
probability is a loss of business, and customers.

You can learn a number of people skills, which can improve communication and motivation
amongst your team members.

Get access to the skills, tools, and techniques. Empower yourself through Dr Huq’s coaching
sessions, learn from her specially designed ‘RHM LEADERSHIP LEARNING’ model. You will be
able to create strategies and action plans to support your people during the crucial post-
pandemic time, which needs a different set of leadership skills.

RHM Leadership coaching sessions are a continuous learning journey to support leaders to learn
and grow in a purposeful focused way and gain insights into tools and techniques of leading in
the new era of remote and hybrid working.


Book a free initial consultation to discuss your needs.
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If you are interested in learning and developing your people skills, then you may be ready for the
Masterclass. Read the benefits on how RHM Leadership Masterclass™ can help you.

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RHM Knowledge-sharing

After an initial free consultation with Dr Huq, you can decide your choice of subject.  Schedule 1:1 or group sessions.

Knowledge-sharing sessions will be held online until further notice.

‘Knowledge-sharing can be highly motivating and can create an environment for innovation, creativity, and organisational learning. Where there is no creativity, there is no spark or growth inorganisation’. 

Rozana Huq

Knowledge-sharing is a useful method for organisational learning and continuous education.

Designed by Dr Rozana Huq, RHM Knowledge-sharing is a focused and purposeful way of
learning, from research and evidence-based case studies.

From her in-depth rich interviews, with over 250 people that Dr Huq personally conducted, and
her research of over 12 years, there is a wealth of knowledge on leadership, employee
empowerment, psychological empowerment, organisational culture, organisational learning,
organisational behaviour, motivation, team dynamics, stress management, and more.

Her relaxed style of narrative and real-live stories from people’s experience makes it interesting
for the audience, and with opportunities for Q & A’s this is sometimes the best way to learn and
apply the knowledge at work, adding value to organisation and people.

These short knowledge bites are perfect for your quest for continuous and organisational

Conference Speaking

As an experienced leadership keynote speaker, Dr Rozana Huq is available to speak at
conferences and seminars. If you want to invite her to speak or chair at your conferences,
please fill in the contact form with a short message, and she will get back to you.

All  seminars and conferences will be held online until further notice.


As an experienced MBA and IMBA lecturer, if you want to invite Dr Rozana Huq at your
University or Business School, please fill in the contact form with a short message, and she will
get back to you.
All teaching sessions will be held online until further notice.

All  teaching sessions will be held online until further notice.

You cannot take action if you are not aware.
Awareness creates compassion and
compassion leads the way for
gratitude and appreciation.

Rozana Huq