RHM Leadership Masterclass™

Created by Dr Rozana Huq

Master your leadership skills.
Unlock your inner power and discover your true potential as a leader.

Why should you enrol for RHM Leadership Masterclass™?

Read the benefits.

To know more about the benefits and what you can gain from RHM Leadership Masterclass™ 

1 An opportunity to respond to the post-pandemic challenges.

RHM Leadership Masterclass™ is a practice-based learning programme, designed for leaders, particularly in response to the post-pandemic challenges. You will be taken through a step-by-step process and provided with tools and techniques, and an opportunity to learn from Dr Rozana Huq’s evidence-based research case studies.


2 An opportunity to fulfil your potential as a leader.

Innovation and creativity should not just be expected from employees, leaders can also aspire to be innovative and creative. RHM Leadership Masterclass™ is designed to bring out your creative talent and enable you to fulfil your potential as a leader.


3 An opportunity to incorporate a holistic approach to leadership learning.

RHM Leadership Masterclass™ takes a holistic approach to learning and teaches leaders steps to take personal care and offers tips and practical techniques to manage stress and good emotional health. This will also enable you as a leader to empathise and help employees to manage their stress and anxiety at work.



You cannot take action if you are not aware.
Awareness creates compassion and
compassion leads the way for
gratitude and appreciation.

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