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Dr Rozana Huq

Author, Organisational Behaviourist,
Leadership Educator

Post-pandemic challenges of hybrid work and demands made by the competitive global marketplace, plus the need to comply with Quality Standards, Quality Awards, and Good Governance, all require a different set of leadership skills. As a leader, how should you lead? In what way can you support your team and help your organisation thrive?

In response to these challenges and the feedback from interviewing people, ‘The Leadership Learning Model’ was created for learning-driven leaders, those who pursue a thirst for knowledge and are eager to learn.

How can you develop your people skills, such as communication, collaboration, empowering employees, team building, and valuing people? The pandemic has compelled us to think about leaders being compassionate, kind, showing empathy, appreciation, and gratitude.  These skills bring value and added advantage to you as a leader, as employees become more aware of these special attributes in your leadership style.

By learning these skills, as a leader, you can influence your team members to work better together and create a culture of learning, where people achieve results by shared meaning and an ethos of good teamwork. I am passionate about helping leaders develop their potential and enable them with tools to collaborate, connect and develop trust with team members. As a leader you need to learn these skills, you cannot lead, detached from your team members.

Why wait?
Time is moving, bringing demanding and new challenges every day.
This is an opportunity for you to transform your leadership skills.

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Dr Rozana Huq's 3 step approach to learning

You cannot take action if you are not aware.
Awareness creates compassion and
compassion leads the way for
gratitude and appreciation.

Rozana Huq


Read the benefits.

Purpose designed and practice-based learning

RHM Leadership’s learning programmes have been created by Dr Rozana Huq. You will benefit from her ‘LEADERSHIP LEARNING' Model, and the NINE critical leadership skills from her 'EMPOWERMENT FRAMEWORK', gain several insights, takeaways, and tips to enhance your leadership skills and development. This practice-based learning will enable you as a leader to understand how to align strategies that are enabling, rather than disabling.

Post-pandemic challenges

Master the urgent skills needed to meet the post-pandemic challenges of leadership, team building, and talent retention. Learn how to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities to emerge stronger as a team. Enrol on the RHM Leadership Masterclass, take a coaching or a knowledge-sharing session and learn how to create strategies that demonstrate you value people.

Bring your leadership skills into action

RHM Leadership’s courses are immersive and not just theoretical. Seize the opportunity to go beyond learning, and bring your new skills into action. Gain a different experience at RHM Leadership. Coaching sessions and learning courses are designed with a holistic and empathetic approach to learning, which is enlightening. Learn how to create a personal action plan that you can monitor and evaluate.

Building Trust

Whether employees are working remotely, in office buildings, or in a hybrid work arrangement, one of the challenges is building trust. To maintain an ongoing trust culture requires particular skills and behaviours that leaders must learn and act upon.

Finding Solutions

Every organisation’s and individual’s requirements are different. RHM LEADERSHIP’s learning programmes are specially designed and crafted so that you can find solutions to your problems and gain confidence in learning new skills and techniques.


RHM LEADERSHIP’s professional service is totally client-focused, characterised by individual attention and a flexible attitude towards your learning needs. Choose from RHM Leadership Masterclass, or coaching, teaching, seminars, conference, and knowledge-sharing. One-to-one or group learning.

You cannot take action if you are not aware.
Awareness creates compassion and
compassion leads the way for
gratitude and appreciation.

Dr Rozana Huq


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