RHM Leadership has had the pleasure of helping many individuals and companies in the profit,
non-profit and education sector. Some companies are mentioned below.

Action Cancer
Al-Maktoum College
Antrim Transformers Ltd
Business Services Organisation (BSO)
Belfast Women’s Training Services
Bic Systems
Brac University
Bryson House
Centre for Competitiveness
Cleland Group
Complementary Therapies Network
Creative Technology UAE
Danske Bank

Down Lisburn Trust
EFQM, Brussels
Footprints Women’s Centre
Gracey Foods
House of Sports
Institute of Directors
Kelly Vision
Martin Ball Pharmacy
Mid-Ulster International Cultural Group
Multi-Cultural Resource Centre
National Health Service
NIE plc

Northern Ireland Fire Brigade
Quality Hotel
Queen’s University of Belfast
Replay Productions
Royal Bank of Scotland
Shankill Women’s Centre
Ulster Cancer Foundation

Ulster People’s College
Windsor Women’s Centre
Women’s Information Group
Women Moving On
Young Parents Network



What People Say

“I was impressed with Dr Huq’s book and plan to recommend it to my current class. I will also add it to my readings for next year. Dr Huq’s book is the first I have seen that focuses on the reasons employee-based safety programs have so much difficulty being adopted…I have been asked by the school to develop a Leadership Practicum, which will be required by all students in order to graduate. I plan to include Dr. Huq’s book as required reading for the Practicum.”

Dr James E Leemann, PHD

Clinical Assistant Professor Tullane University, USA.

“Rozana Huq has made an important contribution to the subject of employee empowerment. highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of employee empowerment and providing rich examples of people and situations. This book will be of value not only to academics, but also to practitioners of both small and large enterprises who may wish to implement or improve employee empowerment.”

Professor Adrian Wilkinson

Director, Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing Griffith University, Australia.

“Rozana’s coaching sessions were useful to talk through some current issues pertinent to the Senior Team. The most helpful tools and techniques I learnt were empathy and collaboration, listening skills and taking the time out to think and reflect was important. On a scale of 1 to 4 – I would rate Rozana’s style of coaching at number 1 (Excellent)! I would definitely recommend this one-to-one coaching to other leaders and managers.”

V McConville

Head of Business Development, NI Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“Dr Rozana Huq is an inspiring and engaging speaker and teacher who I had the pleasure of observing in action. Rozana creates an interactive learning environment and has the rare ability to appeal to students from a diverse range of backgrounds and learning styles. Rozana’s capacity to bring together her own research findings and consultancy experience to the classroom triggers enthusiasm and deep learning from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Rozana is personable, knowledgeable, a great communicator and it was a joy to have her as a lecturer for our International MBA students.”

Dr Steven Kilroy

School of Management, Queens University, Belfast

“I enjoyed the business and leadership course because it was down to earth in meeting the needs of the people in the room being able to relate to how the structure of your business being a sole trader is so similar to the corporate business”.

Nuala O'Hare

Business Entrepreneur

“Well laid out, clearly communicated. Valuable tools that I can use to improve my business as well as my personal life”.

Connie Mercer

Business Entrepreneur

“The Business development course made me reflect on what I needed to do to move my business forward”.

M Douglas

Business Entrepreneur

“I invited Dr Huq as a guest speaker at the IrFUW Conference on Education: Empowering Women and Girls held at Queen’s University Belfast. Dr Huq gave a very informative lecture ‘On the Grounds of Humanity: Employee Empowerment and Corporate Social Responsibility’. Her research has made a considerable contribution to knowledge in response to the complexities surrounding the understanding of employee empowerment, at the conceptual and practical levels. Rozana has wide experience in teaching, lecturing and training.”

Dr Lavinia Boyce BEM

HR Consultant

“When I developed the concept behind KaleidoPeople I had read and been inspired by the work of Dr Rozana Huq, QUB. Her research links themes of empowerment from the management and social work literature that are relevant to employee empowerment. ….. I encourage you to look up Dr Huq’s research and see what it inspires in you and those you live and work with.”

Heather Palmer

HR Consultant, BBC

You cannot take action if you are not aware.
Awareness creates compassion and
compassion leads the way for
gratitude and appreciation.

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