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Organisational Behaviourist, Author, Leadership Coach.

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You cannot take action if you are not aware.
Awareness creates compassion and
compassion leads the way for
gratitude and appreciation.

Rozana Huq


Dr Rozana Huq is a published author and has written books and several articles on leadership, employee empowerment, building resilience, in journals and books. These books and articles are a valuable resource for organisations, leaders, researchers, and educators.

Her papers are also cited in several research works. Please contact her if you would like to know more about her research papers and citations.

Book 2
Book Title: Employee Empowerment, the rhetoric & the reality.
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“Rozana Huq has made an important contribution to the subject of employee empowerment, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of employee empowerment and providing rich examples of people and situations. This book will be of value not only to academics, but also to practitioners of both small and large enterprises who may wish to implement or improve employee empowerment.”

Professor Adrian Wilkinson
Director, Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing
Griffith University,

“I was impressed with Dr Huq’s book and plan to recommend it to my current class. I will also add it to my readings for next year. Dr Huq’s book is the first I have seen that focuses on the reasons employee-based safety programs have so much difficulty being adopted…I have been asked by the school to develop a Leadership Practicum, which will be required by all students in order to graduate. I plan to include Dr. Huq’s book as required reading for the Practicum.”

Dr James E Leemann, PHD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Tullane University,

Book Title: The Psychology of Employee Empowerment. Concepts, Critical Themes and a Framework for Implementation.

“Understanding, and effectively managing, the relationship between Empowerment and Leadership is one of the central issues of our time. Dr Huq’s research and analysis not only makes an important scholarly contribution to the theory of the subject but, in her well-presented and readable book, she makes invaluable suggestions on the critical area of the practice of employee empowerment. All individuals with leadership roles urgently need to rethink their ideas, roles and behaviours within Dr Huq’s insightful ‘Framework for Implementing Employee Empowerment Model’.”

Professor Bruce Lloyd
London South Bank University,
London, UK.

“To achieve effective management through empowerment, Huq argues convincingly in her ‘Framework for Implementing Employee Empowerment’ for a synergy of the managerial goals of effectiveness, efficiency and innovation with social work insights into power, personal relationship and psychological well-being. She challengingly highlights a paradox that if a sustainable, productive future is to be found, would-be powerful leaders need to learn the lessons of how to create enabling and empowering environments from a profession who works with those pushed to the social margins”.

Professor John Pinkerton
School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work
Queens University, Belfast, UK.

Leadership Coach

Whether you are a leader of a large organisation, a growing SME or a start-up, the effective utilisation of people, building trust, managing stress, and job burnout are strategic issues for organisations during the post-pandemic time, and as a leader, you will need to focus on particular skills, such as building relationships and trust, plus helping yourself and your employees to maintain good mental health.

With Dr Huq’s one-to-one coaching, you will be able to create strategies and action plans to support your people during the crucial post-pandemic time, which needs a different set of leadership skills.

Get access to the skills, tools, and techniques. Empower yourself through Dr Huq’s coaching sessions.

Learn from the ‘LEADERSHIP LEARNING’ model, and inspire your teams


As an Organisational Behaviourist and Business Psychologist, Dr Rozana Huq has designed and created a ‘LEADERSHIP LEARNING’ model for leaders. As a leader this is going to enable you to learn the key skills that are vital to meet the post-pandemic challenges of leadership, team building, remote and hybrid work, including employee well-being and talent retention.

A step by step learning process, this 'LEADERSHIP LEARNING’ model is based on surveys, interviews, and personal experience, and is an exceptional tool for leaders to build trust and maintain good relationships with employees and customers.

The strength of the ‘LEADERSHIP LEARNING’ model is that you can learn from the case studies from Dr Huq’s direct research interviews, asking people what kind of leadership qualities they prefer to see in a leader. The answers are incorporated in her ‘LEADERSHIP LEARNING' model, which can be accessed through RHM Leadership Masterclass™.

It is always useful to ask people, rather than rely on theory-based leadership styles all the time.

Conference Speaker

As a keynote speaker, Dr Rozana Huq has been invited to speak at seminars and conferences about leadership and her research work.

She has spoken on the subjects of leadership and the future of leadership skills, employee empowerment, psychological empowerment, building resilience and on communication and people skills.

Dr Huq has spoken at conferences in Belfast, Dubai, Dublin, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Oxford, Paris, Portugal, and Rome. She has also chaired at conferences. She was invited by EFQM (The European Foundation for Quality Management) in Brussels to present a series of webinars and publish articles. She has published several journal articles, conference papers, and books and has made a notable contribution to knowledge on Leadership, Change Management, Building Resilience, Employee Empowerment, and Psychological Empowerment.

During the pandemic, she reached out to her international audience and participated in seminars and conferences in universities in India, Leadership Summit in Malaysia and conferences in the UK.

In accordance with COVID-19 compliance, all seminars and conferences are held online.

Contribution to Research
and Teaching

Dr Huq achieved her Ph.D. from Queen’s University Management School Belfast, UK, and also taught on the MBA, IMBA including Leadership and Empowerment on the MSc Course, both at the School of Management and the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work. Her research is acknowledged internationally and in the UK. She has made a notable contribution to research, knowledge and teaching on leadership and employee empowerment.

“Dr Rozana Huq is an inspiring and engaging speaker and teacher who I had the pleasure of observing in action. Rozana creates an interactive learning environment and has the rare ability to appeal to students from a diverse range of backgrounds and learning styles.

Rozana’s capacity to bring together her own research findings and consultancy experience to the classroom triggers enthusiasm and deep learning from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Rozana is personable, knowledgeable, a great communicator and it was a joy to have her as a lecturer for our International MBA students.”

Dr Steven Kilroy, School of Management, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK. Dr Huq is on Semantic Scholar.

Contribution to Community Projects

Dr Rozana Huq has made a notable contribution to community projects in Northern Ireland.

She has a deep-level understanding of diversity and community needs, and has been an advisor and an educator for several projects in Northern Ireland, delivering training and educational programmes to the wider communities, such as the Shankill Women’s Centre, Windsor Women’s Centre, Footprints Women’s Centre, Bryson House, Young Enterprise, including projects in the health and community sector.

Dr Huq was headhunted to set up the diverse Multi-Cultural Resource Centre in Belfast for her exceptional leadership, communication, interpersonal and facilitation skills. Her experience of working with different organisations, understanding of people issues and anxiety at work, and the ability to make decisions at board levels resulted in her appointment as an NHS Non-executive Director at Belfast City Hospital. Her responsibilities included collaborating with HR to improve strategies for the well-being of staff and providing excellent patient care.

Dr Huq was also Chair of the Arts care Committee at the same hospital.


With regards to her outstanding leadership in community work, Dr Huq was invited to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and an invitation to Downing Street, London.

You cannot take action if you are not aware.
Awareness creates compassion and
compassion leads the way for
gratitude and appreciation.

Dr Rozana Huq


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